professional voiceover that speaks volumes

compassionate - educated - warm


I am all about creating high quality voiceovers to help companies and organisations connect with people effectively and with style. Versatility is key and I use my voice to capture a wide range of tones and emotions to get your message across in corporate explainers, e-learning, commercials and IVR. My natural tone is warm, calming, compassionate and educated.  With an acting background and a keen interest in human nature; I have a passion for storytelling and narrate audiobooks too...

"I chose Rachel among many artists for her incredibly warm voice, whose tone was just perfect for storytelling. She has the ability to take the story to a new dimension, making it so much more real. Rachel gave each character such a distinctive individuality, her interpretation was spot on and very evocative."


Cristina Loggia, author 'Lucifer's Game'

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