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rachel capell voice over

Revealing the heart and personality behind your words...

Relatable, Passionate, Sincere



Rachel Capell English Voice Over Artist

Rachel Capell

A Sound Investment

I love breathing life into a corporate script, piece of dramatic dialogue or quirky character and I know how crucial it is to connect with your audience or listener. In a world that's increasingly saturated with AI derivatives, making a relatable and human connection might make all the difference and resonate with your audience in a way that an AI voice never will.


With years of professional experience working in the Arts and Cultural sector, I also like to think I can add a bit of value to your creative team, as someone you can trust to always have the bigger picture in mind and who always goes the extra mile to help you achieve your project ambitions.



I chose Rachel among many artists for her incredibly warm voice, whose tone was just perfect for storytelling. She has the ability to take the story to a new dimension, making it so much more real.


Rachel gave each character such a distinctive individuality, her interpretation was spot on and very evocative.

Cristina Loggia, author 'Lucifer's Game'

Lucifer's Game - Cristina Loggia

My Clients

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