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rachel capell voice over

Revealing the heart and personality behind your words...

Relatable, Passionate, Sincere



Rachel Capell English Voice Over Artist

Why Voiceover?

My early career began in small-scale theatre as a writer, director and performer before moving into a producing role for theatre, festivals and other cultural events. After 20 years doing that and loving it, I nevertheless felt something was missing and in my late 40s I re-trained in voiceover and researched and listened until my ears and eyes bled happy, but exhausted tears of joy!


I have since established a successful voiceover career working in corporate, commercial and audiobook projects, with bits of animation thrown in just to keep me on my toes. The move back into the world of performance as a voice actor, has allowed me to rediscover all I learned back when I was studying theatre and gained an MA in Performance. I totally relish every opportunity to continue telling stories; I like to get underneath the words to reveal the heart and personality behind what's being said - that's me, that's my bag!


A sound investment


VOX Award nominated for best human performance for

 on-screen commercials

and animation 2023

I totally understand how difficult it is to find someone new to work with and to trust them with what is often a very stretched budget.  My work ethic is all about delivering the best possible results for my clients and I go above and beyond to make that happen. Even the most experienced voice actors may miss the bullseye first time, but don't worry, I'm fond of directed sessions, free samples and rarley cry over revision requests. 


In a world that's increasingly saturated with AI derivatives, chosing a human voice actor you can trust is going to elevate your project and resonate with your audience in a way that an AI voice never will.  Check out my testimonials and socials to get a sense of the real person behind my work and don't hesitate to request a video call or phone call to discuss your project - my ears are always open and I do love a good natter.


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