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I love reading and I'm an avid audiobook listener, which is a great starting point for any narrator because it isn't just about reading words on a page, it's about understanding the language inside out, the arc of a story, the attitude and emotions of the characters, and having the vocal skills to bring those characters to life and capture the listeners imagination.


Whilst I thrive on the quick thinking and test of endurance that audiobooks require, I choose these projects with care, as they can be super intense and are a major time committment compared to most other voiceover genres.  Focussing primarily on fiction, I have narrated both children's fiction and adult thrillers. I'm incredibly passionate about audiobooks and always ready to schedule in my next project!


Sometimes my lovely clients share the final piece with me for my portfolio and here is a small selection of my audiobook work along with some other animation character work...


Devils Breath - Jill Johnson
TrueCrime by GeorginaLees_edited_edited.
Lucifers Game by Christina Loggia


Professor  Trelawney

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