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Demo Reels and Studio

Whilst my natural vocal age is 40-50yrs, as a versatile UK female voice over I can deliver a mutitude of different styles and tones to suit your project. Listen to my demos and download to share with a client or your team. 

I record from a
professional grade studio and I'm always happy to offer a free no obligation sample of your script.

Take a look at my previous work on commercial, corporate and audiobook projects to hear examples of how my voice has been used by other clients.

My Studio

Not everyone will want or need these details, but if you are as 'tech geeky' as I have become, then here are the nuts and bolts of my studio:

  • DW session Booth

  • AKG C414 XL11 Mic

  • SSL2 Audio Interface

  • Reaper DAW

  • iZotope RX10 Standard

  • Live direction via Clean Feed, Zoom, Google Meet, Teams and Skype

  • Cabled Internet

Rachel Capell's Voice Over Recording Studio
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